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By: Ron C. Johnston

Harry "Huddy" BELL was born 31 October 1925, at Regina, Saskatchewan. Huddy was one of the five new owners of the 1985-1986 Regina Pats. He was one of the first defenseman credited with using the slap shot. He and his brothers were involved in apartment construction and ownership of the Bell City Motel (which became the Sandman Inn). (Photos: Harry - New York Rovers - and Regina Pats Program 1985 - Ron C. Johnston - Collection)

Harry started his hockey with the Regina Commandos (SJHL) in 1943-1944 and played in the Memorial Cup that year. The following year had Military Service. Played with the New York Rovers (EAHL) 1945-46. The next year 1946-47 played with New Haven Ramblers (AHL), plus 1 game with the New York Rangers (NHL). Next played with St. Paul Saints (USHL) in 1948 to 1950, Tacoma Rockets (PCHL) 1950-51 season. Bakc with the New York Rovers (EAHL) 1951-1952 and finished his hockey career with the Regina Caps (SSHL) from 1952 to 1954. Was selected on the (SSHL) 1952-53 All-Star Team. A complete obituary will be published Wednesday, September 2, 2009.


From my cousin - Will Klein, Scottsdale, Arizona ,

at 12:04 p.m. - Regina Pats Part Owner - 1979-1983

Received an e-mail from him - 12:10 p.m. this date:

Yes, I did know Huddy, as a matter of fact the home we have lived in for the past 21 years we purchased from Huddy.

I was not a personal friend of his but knew him socially. He had a very interesting background and his life would make a great movie, talk about rags to riches. At one time he was probably the largest private land holder/trader in Arizona (would have to be confirmed).

His brother Dick Bell (a paraplegic became an excellent golfer)

He was an excellent athlete in his younger days, played in the NY Rangers chain for the NY Rovers when he was a teen ager. I believe credit is given to Boom Boom Geofrion for inventing the slap shot but I have heard it attributed to Huddy Bell on many occasions.

He became a low handicap golfer. He came to Arizona to help overcome severe arthritis, I heard he was actually taken off a flight from Canada to Phoenix on a stretcher in the ‘60s (he came here because of the very dry temperatures) and the relocation worked miracles for him.


e-mail from Orville Off, Ex-Regina Pat - 12:37 p.m.

Apparently Huddy was in Regina a few days ago and was staying at Hotel Saskatchewan and the story is that he fell and hurt his head. He had a hip replacement in Scottsdale a short time ago, I don't know if that was the cause of the fall. He went to the hospital in Regina and had a scan that didn't show any damage. He then flew back to Scottsdale and suffered a blood clot in the brain and apparently died a few hours later. I understand the funeral will be in Regina next Wednesday.


Taken from the Regina Leader Post - at 11:30 a.m.

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REGINA — Harry "Huddy" Bell, a prominent Regina businessman for the last several decades, died Thursday night in Phoenix, Arizona, at 83.

Born Oct. 31, 1925, he served in the Canadian Army from 1943 to 1945 during the Second World War.

In 1945, Bell was scouted and signed by the New York Rangers as a free agent, playing just one NHL game as a defenceman against the Chicago Blackhawks in March of 1947.

He played 374 minor league games with the New York Rovers (EHL), New Haven (AHL), St. Paul (USHL) and Tacoma (PCHL) between 1945 and 1951. He retired from pro hockey in 1952.
Bell was one of the quintet of business owners — including Ted Knight, Jack Nicolle, Morley Gusway and Bill Hicke — that purchased the Regina Pats in February of 1986.

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