Thursday, March 18, 2010


(Photo: Courtesy of Rod Pedersen - Pictured from left standing: Nevin Markwart, Al Dumba (Coach), John Miner, Mart Smith, Doug Trapp, Frank Kovacs, Brandon Coates, Kevin Markwart, Chad Wylchinski, Kyle Deck, Kurt Wickenheiser, Troy Volhoffer, Jamie Heward, Mark Simpson (Trainer) - Kneeling: Rod Houk, Gord Wappel, Chris Andersen, Mike Sillinger, Mike Kirby, Brian Varga, Shaun Fleming)

GAME SUMMARY: By: Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston - Just prior to the pre-game warm up, I spoke to the team telling them that I had received a letter from the oldest Regina Pats Alumni (Murray Armstrong). I told the team that, in previous conversation with Mr. Armstrong, I learned he was 94 years old, living in Florida, almost blind but plays 18 holes of golf each week, and that he and his wife will be celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary in March. I finished saying that I would like them to dedicate this game to him.

The victory 7-4 improved the Pats' record to 3-0 all-time in alumni contests between junior hockey's top rivals.The paid attendance was announced as 2,578 (a sell out) in the Crushed Can. Moose Jaw went along with a three goalie system: Scott Christison played in the first period, Josh Lepp the second period and Glen Seymour the third period. For Regina it was Houk for the first half of the game and Shaun Fleming for the second half. The game opened with three quick goals within two minutes early in the first period as the two teams went into the second period tied 2-2. Moose Jaw scored back-to-back goals with just over one minute to take a 2-0 lead. Warrior Alumni's Darry LaPlante scored on a soft goal right in front of the net at 3:22, assisted by Jeremy Thompson. The second goal had Rob Harvey score on a rebound at 4:32, assisted by Blair Atcheynum.

Regina came right back as Nevin Markwart scored a real strange goal. He shot from the right corner, hit goalie Christison and just trickled over the goal line at 5:24. Regina tied the contest as Brandon Coates scored a shorthanded goal when he picked-up a loose puck and scored on a break-a-way, a low shot at 16:18. In the first period Regina outshot Moose Jaw 15-10. I kept my own record on shots as I noticed whoever did them did not even count Regina's first two shots on goal.

In the second period Regina went up 5-2 as Kurt Wickenheiser scored from the left corner at 1:43, assisted by Kyle Deck and Mike Kirby. Then Nevin Markwart scored his second goal of the game as he came in from the left boards and scored at 11:04, assisted by Chris Anderson and Troy Vollhoffer. The next goal was a beauty, a three way pass that was tipped in from the right side of the net (I was not able to get the players names as the announcing system was terrible, very hard to hear), I believe it was Jamie Heward. Then it was Moose Jaw's turn, scoring two quick goals. The first being a weak shot by Jeff Budai at 14:13, assisted by Kevin Masters. Sounded like the announcer gave the time for the next goal as being 14:19, (I know that was wrong). Roy Edwards scored on a break-a-way from the blue line and deaked Fleming. It was Regina 5-4 going into the final period. In the second period, Regina once again outshot Moose Jaw 15-10.

In the third period Regina scored a power play goal by Brian Varga which was a hard shot at 2:15, assisted by Gord Wappel and Mike Kirby. The final goal had Kirby coming in from the left boards into the front of the net, as he made a nice deak to the right corner at 15:27 assisted by Troy Vollhoffer.

Following are pictures that I took:

Leaving the dressing room for pre-game warm up.

# 2 - Gord Wappel, # 11 - Nevin Markwart, # 19 - Brian Varga, # 25 - Kurt Wickenheiser

During the warm up - (Photo: Rod Pedersen) - My pictures of the warm up did not turn out.

After the pre-game warm-up Mike Sillinger took time out to let me take his picture, plus Kurt Wickenheiser and Gord Wappel.


Here are some hilarious quotes from the weekend: taken from Rod Pedersen's blog.

- "It was too rough for him. We scared him off!" - Doug Trapp on why Theoren Fleury didn't come back to play again after the 2008 T.C. Clash.

- "Warmup's 18 minutes long but you don't have to stay out there for the whole 18 minutes." - Regina coach Al Dumba in his pregame speech.

- "Sillinger and I both have titanium hips. I hope if we skate beside each other, we don't stick together like magnets!" - Linesman Dallas Davison.

- "Are you the team bus driver?" - A security guard to Mitchell Blair under the stands in the Civic Centre.

- "I wouldn't miss this for the world." - Rider legend Roger Aldag before the game.

- "Kevin Gallant will be happy we lost. I read your blog." - Warriors forward Troy Edwards.

- "My father-in-law told me the day I retired in 1992 that I'll never be able to thrill a crowd again. I guess he was wrong." - Troy Volhoffer.


The SaskTel Max Mobile crew was in Moose Jaw recording the Trans Canada Clash for broadcast. Viewers can watch the game starting Wednesday on SaskTel Max Local on Demand Channel 48. Mitchell Blair along with Dustin Dion from Country 100FM have the call.