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Regina Pats Are The Oldest Existing Junior Hockey Club In The World, 1917-1918.
(02) Had The First Russian Born Player And Coach In The NHL - John Gottselig, Chicago Black Hawks, 1928-1929.
(03) In 1930-1931 Goal Tender Ken Campbell Had 7 Shut Outs In Arrow In The Play Offs - Western Canada Record, Also In 74 Games With The Pats Had 36 Shut Outs.
(04) First Pro Hockey Game Was Broadcast In Regina On 15 March 1923 By Pete Parker. The First Game Of The WCHL Play-offs Between Edmonton Eskimos and Regina Caps. Beating Foster Hewitt By 8 Days. Hewitt's was an Amateur Game.
(05) In 1925 Memorial Cup The Regina Pat Players Refused To Go On The Ice Unless Coach Al Ritichie Wore His Coon Coat During The Game, Even Though It Was A Hot Day Outside.
(06) Pats Scored 7 Consecutive Power Play Goals in The First Period Of A Western Hocky League Game.
(07) In Saskatoon On Sunday, December 1969, Rod Norrish Scored 3 Goals in 20 Seconds, In The First Period Breaking The NHL Record By 1 Second.
(08) Stan Maketa of the Chicago Black Hawks Invented The Hook In The Hockey Stick.
(09) Lester Patrick (Club Owner and Player Of The Victoria Professional Hockey Club) was the First To Use The Blue And Red Lines, Also To Have The First Atifical Ice, 1911 In Western Canada.
(10) A Pat Goalie (Glen Campbell) had To Whittle An Inch Of His Pads Before A Western Canada Play-off Game Could Start Between Calgary And Regina In The 1920's.
(11) Fran Huck had 17 hat tricks in one season.
(12) A Referee in Paris, Ontario, was credited as the first to use a whistle and present the face-off.
(13) In the early years, a goalie if penalized had to serve his penalty in the penalty box.
(14) A Rink was to be built at the north end of Broad Street (east side, between 12th Avenue and Victoria Avenue). The rink would seat 6,000 plus 2,000 standing room. At the last minute, it was turned down for an ic plant in the Exhibiton Stadium.
(15) That Lester Patrick (club owner and player of the Victoria professional hockey club), was the first to use the blue and red lines. He also had the first artifical ice rink in 1903.
(16) In 1946 to 1969 the Regina Pats were a farm team of the NHL Montreal Canadiens.
(17) The first ever Regina Junior Hockey game ever recorded was back in March 25, 1897 against a Moose Jaw Junior Hockey Team, at the Regina Rink. At the close of one hour's play the score stood 9-5 in favour of the Regina team. The game was played in two halfs. It was Regina 7-1 at the half.
(18) How "Scoreboard" got his Nickname - It was my first exhibition game with Coach Bob Turner in the 1965-1966 Regina Pat Season. We we visiting Moose Jaw. I was in the dressing room, and about to leave, when Ernie Hicke (younger brother of Billy Hicke) called out, "Hay Scoreboard". I turned around and looked at him, the rest is now history.
(19) TWO GREAT ONES GET AWAY: Al MacInnis played 2 games with the Regina Pats in the WHL and also played 59 games with the Pat Canadians in the year 1978-1979. Two years later Esa "Tik, The Grate One" Tikkanen did the same - played 2 games with Regina Pats in the WHL and played 59 games with the Pat Canadians.
(20) Regina Pats have only 2 players who have been inducted into the HHOF (Hockey Hall of Fame) - Clark Gillies and Al MacInnis.
(21) On Friday, October 1988, at Regina, the Pats had scored two goals by the 29 second mark of the opening of the game: Gary Dicke at 18 seconds, then Jamie Heward at the 29 second mark before 2,416 fans as Pats down Prince Albert.
(22) Gord "Red" Berenson - Was the first Canadian hockey player to go directly from an American college (the University of Michigan) to the NHL, joing the Montreal Canadians late in 1961-62 season. Has been coach of University of Michigan since the 1980's.
(23) Regina Pats are probably the only club to trade players for a coach. During the off season of 1988, they sent Kevin Clemens and Kevin Ekdahl to Medicine Hat Tigers for coach Doug Stauter.(24) The fourth game of the season in 1984, Doug Trapp set a club record, getting 7 assists in the game. Regina Pats downed the visiting Seattle Breakers 12-3 before 2,262 fans.
(25) In 1996 - Regina Pats make a mile stone: Tuesday, November 5, in Saskatoon, rookie Dimitri Nabokov in the third period at 7:41, assisted by Boyd Kane and Brad Stuart, was Regina Pats 19,000 goal, this included league and play-off games going back to 1917-1918 season.
(26) After 48 years service, in 1999, as doorman and security at the old Exhibition Satdium and Agridome, big Rudy SILZER retired. When on duty at the Pat games, he was often called to action. Many a time whenever a pane of glass was knocked out, they had Rudy replace it. With his big hands and size, he was able to put the new sheet of glass into place all by himself, otherwise it was a two man job. Also, I can remember when a fracas occured in the stands, Rudy would grab that person at the back of the neck. Lift the person off their feet, and carry them out of the stadium.
(27) Larry Walker, was once on the Regina Pats WHL 50 man "protected" list about 1985 as a goaltender and tried out for the Pats. He went onto be one of the best ever all time Right Fielders in the MBL.
(28) Due to a maintenance walk-out strike on Friday, February 27, 1981, New Westminster Bruins had to play some of their games in various towns, including just over the United States boarder. Only about 100 turned out at Bellingham, Washington, for the game against the Regina Pats. It has to be one of the smallest crowds ever to see a WHL game. The Pats scored 2 short handed goals to go on and defeat the Bruins 7-2.
(29) THE FAMOUS ROOKIE LINE - During the 1971-1972 Coached under Earl Ingarfield Sr. made up of centre Dennis "Sobie" Sobchuk, right winger Mike Wanchuk and left winger Clark Gillies. The three finished as the top three scorers for the Regina Pats that sesson.THE FAMOUS ROOKIE LINE:Goals: 131 - Assists: 153 - Points: 284 - Winning Goals: 21 - Power Play Goals: 47 - Short Handed Goals: 3, Break Away Goals: 5
(30) Tuesday, October 25, 1974, Kamloops Chiefs outshot Regina Pats 44-27, only to lose the game 7-2.
(31) HOW REGINA PATS GOT THEIR NAME - The club was named after the Princess Patrica's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). Also the Pats Mascot was taken from the PPCLI mascot the bull dog.
(32) Regina Pats were scheduled to play 20 games in the span of six weeks, in 1934. Taking the train to Winnipeg and playing twice before entering the United States. Starting at Chicago on November 29, then Detroit, Philadelphia, Hersey, Pa., Baltimore, Lake Placid, New York, Atlantic City. In the last two places they would play twice and many more wanted them to play exhibition games that season. Just before they were to leave, Tuesday, November 27, Pats announced, that the Tournament was called of because financial arrangements fell through. The Regina Pats folded December 6, and there was not a Regina Pat franchise again until 1946.
(33) Nyjer Jamed MORGAN in the 1999-2000 season player Left Wing and was the first colour player to play for the Regina Pats. Went on and Played Major Baseball with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
(34) Dennis SOBCHUK was the first ever hockey player to be given a million dollar contract in 1974.
(35) Regina Pats have supplied the most players to the Canadian Junior International Hockey Team. As of the season 2007-2008, they have supplied 23 players.36 By the end of the 2007-2008 season the Pats had been involved in 35 one goal games, a team franchise record. Winning 24, losing 11.