Tuesday, October 12, 2010




by: Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston

A few months
ago Eugene Hutson, who lives in the small town of Sooke, British Columbia, just west of Victoria, a man who has a great appreciation for anything old, was browsing through an Second Hand Store in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Among the things he looked at, he found an old photograph album which once belonged to an ex-Regina Pats Player (Joseph "Duke" Dutkowski) who played with the Pats and the Senior Aces back in the late 1920's and 1930's.

Out of curiosity, Mr. Hutson went on the Internet and queried Joseph Dutkowski's name, which led him to my website. He then contacted me, told me of his find, and has since decided to "send it back home", as he put it. I believe this is something that should be placed in the Saskatchewan Archives to be accessible to everyone. It is ironic that someone such as Mr. Hutson, who has never had an interest in hockey, was the one who found it.

Joseph was the younger brother of Laudas Joseph "Duke" Dutkowski who played for the Regina Patricia hockey club in 1917-18 to 1919-20 and coached the team the following year. Laudas became Regina Pats first ever player to play in the N.H.L. Both brothers used the nickname "Duke" and had Joseph in their name.

Joseph Dutkowski started out playing with the Regina Argos during the 1928-29 season. The team folded and he played with Regina Pats in the 1929-30 season and with the Memorial Cup Champions. From there, little is known about his hockey career except that he did play a few years with the Regina Senior Aces. Both brothers, near their death, asked to have the (T) removed from their surname so it would read as "Dukowski" rather than "Du(t)kowski".

The following are some pictures taken from the photo album:

Joe in his youth (far right in the first row?), with his hockey team and coach.

Joe when he played with the Senior Aces

Joe Dutkowski and Art Kirkpatrick (1933-34) who also played for the Junior Regina Pats. Also George "Shorty" Coombs from Melville, Saskatchewan.

Joe Dutkowski

Joseph Dutkowski and Adelene Maier, Wedding at St. Marys Anglican Church, Regina, Saskatchewan, May 24th, 1932

Joe and his son, with Adelene in the back ground


April 25, 2011 - Joe Dutkowski's Granddaughter Lorna Leggett of Victoria, B.C., e-mailed me and the Photo Album is now on its way back to Victoria and is now in the hands of the family.