Saturday, November 27, 2010


By: Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston

Was born on June 23, 1913, at Melville, Saskatchewan and died October 18, 1996. His hockey started in his home town in 1932-33 with the Millionaires in the Northern Saskatchewan Senior Hockey League (NSSHL). The following two seasons played with Regina Pats in the Regina City Junior Hockey League. While he grew up in Regina, he had designs on being an electrical engineer. Instead he decided to stick with hockey and work on getting to the NHL.

(Photo: Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame) Regina Pats - 1932-33 Memorial Cup Finalist - Alex Motter, 3rd from the left)-

In 1933-34 season played with Prince Albert in the NSSHL during the 1933-34 season, before going south and playing professional hockey.

His career in the National Hockey League (NHL) began with the Boston Bruins in 1934-35 only to see him also playing with their farm team, Boston and Providence. Alex only played 26 league games and 6 playoff games with Boston Bruins. In 1937 was traded to Detroit Red Wings in December of 1937.

Played two season's with Boston Cubs from 1934-35 to 1935-36 in the Cam-Am League. Then played in the International American Hockey League (IAHL) with Providence Reds from 1936-37 to 1937-38.

Detroit Red Wings' general manager Jack Adam thought Alex would be better at playing Defense. Motter hated the move, but worked hard at his new position in order to stick with the team. He went on to play six season with the club. In the final season he contributed to winning the 1942-43 Stanley Cup.

Alex served with the military during the Word War II and played with the U.S. Coast Guards during the 1943-44 season, in the Eastern Amateur Hockey League, where they won the League Championship.

(Photo: taken from the U.S. Coast Guard Guards WebSite)

After serving in the military during the World War II, Motter attempted to get back into the NHL, but was unsuccessful. He finish his career in the American Hockey League, playing 3 years from 1945-46 to 1947-48. One season each with Cleveland Barons, Springfield Indians and Philadelphin Rockets.