Sunday, March 6, 2011




By: Rob Vanstone - Regina Leader-Post Sports - Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taken from: the Regina Sun Community News - (Regina Leader-Post)

(Photo: Roy Antal - Regina Leader-Post file)

Roy Antal is not the retiring sort.

As long as I have been at the Leader-Post - and for 16 years preceding my arrival - Roy has been one of the key people at my favourite newspaper. He has always been good for a laugh, or a chat.

Many of his perfectly timed one-liners have turned me into a puddle. If I am having a blah day, I often waddle into the photographers' sanctuary, armed with a snide remark or hoping to hear one from Roy.

But, a few weeks back, one of Roy's comments was rather sobering. He told me that he was retiring. I did not respond to this with any grace. Selfishly, I urged him to reconsider...please?

My powers of persuasion are not what they should be. On Friday, March 11, Roy will mark his final day at the Leader-Post, ending a remarkable career that dated back to 1970.

Yes, 1970. I delight in reminding Roy that I was in kindergarten at the time. I have also informed him that, as a voracious reader of the Leader-Post since 1971, I was well aware of his good name long before I first staggered into the newsroom in 1986.

I knew all the names...Roy Antal...Don Healy...Patrick Pettit...Bob Hughes...Robert Watson...Murray Mandryk...Nick Miliokas...John Swan...Marlon Marshall...Darrell Davis...Gregg Drinnan.

It still boggles the mind that I have had the privilege of working with these great people. Once upon a time, they were bylines (or photo credits) on a page of newsprint. They all became colleagues and friends.

Time marches on though, and eventually there comes a time to turn the page. Faster than I could have imagined. I have become part of the furniture at the Leader-Post. My first day at the paper feels like yesterday, but yesterday was actually 25 years ago in May. It is discomforting to think that I am closer to the end of the career than the beginning, because it still feels like I just got here.

Why has time flown by so quickly? The people.

Each day, I walk into the office and realize that I am not just surrounded by colleagues. I am among great friends.

I tend to gravitate toward people who are capable of cracking me up and fortunately newspapers are havens for individuals who enjoy a laugh.

That is especially true with regard to Roy.

He is also an exceptional photographer, which explains the longevity. From a sporting perspective, this is a man who took photos of local sporting legends such as Ron Lancaster, George Reed, Dennis Sobchuk, Dale Derkatch and Kent Austin.

Add to that list Doug Wickenheiser, Ed Staniowski, Roger Aldag, Harvey Mazinke, Ray Elgaard, Sandra Schmirler, Marj Mitchell, Darian Durant, Gene Makowsky, Jordan Eberle...

I could go on forever, and I wish the same could be said of Roy's career, but he made the decision that 41 years was enough, and am I to take issue?

So here's to Roy Antal - a fine professional and and even better man.


by: Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston

I can even go back further than Rob Vanstone. I have known Roy since 1969.

Every time I saw Roy, he always had his camera with him. At every sports function, at many Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame Awards and various other functions, especially when I was with the Regina Pats. He even came to our home to take pictures for stories in the sports section.

The sports world will miss you Roy. I wish you all the best in your new job (retirement) it is the best job of them all.