Friday, February 3, 2012

1918-1919 - PATRICIA ROSTER - Goalie: Morris "Mordecai" Brown Defense: Ernest Cameron, M.A. "Ma" Wingham, Miller Hackney, Herbert Conrad, Sandberg Centre: Fred Harding, Frank Crapper Left Wing: John Molisky, Herbert Conrad Right Wing: Frank Heffernan, H. McDonald Coach: William Molisky, George Johnstone Manager: Bill Lea Trainer: Austin Smith Officers: A. E. Whitemore (Honorary President), J.H. Cunningham (Honorary Vice-President), J. Allan Wetmore (President), Herb S. Pollock (First Vice-President), E.C. Rossie (Second Vice-President) Executive Members: Albert G. Twiss, Fred C. Wilson, J.W. Robson, R.C. Hamilton, P. Badenoch, Secretary-Treasurer: Austin Smith

........ THE ABBOTT CUP ........

The Saskatchewan Amateur Hockey Association (SAHA) offered the Abbott Memorial Cup to the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) in memory of Captain Edward Lyman "Hick" Abbott who died in active service in World War I. He was Captain of the Regina Victoria when they won the Senior Championship of Canada in 1913 and 1914. The winner of the Abbott Cup was to represent Western Canada as a challenger for the Canadian Championship Memorial Cup.

The following appeared in the Regina Daily Star, November 11,
1927: "The living memorial of Captain Edward Lyman Abbott has been found on the wall of the old Grange Tunnel, on Vimy Ridge - where many names of Officers of 52nd Battalion were inscribed and dated May 10, 1917". This Tunnel was to be kept intact. Had Lyman lived until the next day, he would have been on his way overseas to England to take training to become a Major.

Captain Abbott had completed his studies to enter a law firm before he went overseas. A town in Saskatchewan is named "Abbott" after him. Mary Sawyer, Florida, U.S.A., informed me that Lyman was born May 1, 1891, in Lovering, Matchadash Township, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada, to James Henry Abbott and Mary Ann Jackson. She also advised that the family moved to Saskatchewan in 1897 after his mother's death and settled at Balgonie, Saskatchewan.

Once again, at the end of the League schedule, the Regina Patricia and Vics were tied for first place with 8 wins and 2 losses. They played a sudden death playoff game on Wednesday, February 26. It was a brilliant performance by the Patricia as they edged Vics 5-4. The Vics watched "Duke" Dutkowski too closely. Every time he touched the puck, three Vics were all over him leaving other Patricia players open. The winner came in the third period when Wingham scored on a pass from Fred Harding at the 11:56 mark.

Less than 2 minutes before the timekeeper rang the bell to indicate the end of hour's play, "Duke" Dutkowski was sent to the penalty box. With "Duke" off, things looked good for the Vics. They attacked the Patricia stronghold like tigers. Try as they might, they could not score.

In the South Saskatchewan Playoff - On Friday, February 28, Patricia swamped Wolseley Tigers 22-2. "Duke" scored 11 goals and had 3 assists in the game. Brown and Biden scored for Wolseley. The following Monday, Regina defeated the home town Wolseley Juniors 9-4. Regina won the round 31 to 6.

The result put the Patricia against the Rouleau-Swift Current winners. There was a feeling of respect when the Soo Line team white-washed Swift current 16-0. Rouleau fans had high hopes for their local club as they took on the Patricia at the Moose Jaw Rink. Once again there were no competitors from the north that year. Rouleau fans' hopes were short lived as the Regina Patricia walked all over the Rouleau lads 20-5. Patricia scored 13 times in the final 40 minutes of the game. Rouleau defaulted the second game.

Western Canada Final - Abbott Cup Winners - On Saturday, March 8th the local Regina Patricia beat the Winnipeg Lutherans 5-4. The game was played under the Manitoba rules, seven men on each team and thirty-minute halves. Regina had the edge after the first half leading 3-2.

Monday, Regina downed Winnipeg 3-1, taking the round 8-5, 1,935 fans jammed the Regina Arena Rink to its capacity. The second game was played under the Saskatchewan rules - three twenty minute periods and six-man hockey.

Shortly thereafter the Patricia Hockey Club left by CPR train for Toronto to face the University Boys School of Toronto. The Patricia youngsters were travelling Memorial Cup bound.

Memorial Cup Finalist - On Tuesday, March 18th the teams tossed for the choice of rules and Regina won. They elected to play the first game under the Ontario Hockey Association (O.H.A.) rules and the second game under the Saskatchewan rules.

The following night in the first ever Memorial Cup (Canadian Final), the game was delayed over an hour as the hockey fans were allowed to greet one of the Canadian Regiments home after returning from World War One. The Trophy was named after these fine warriors. All the games were played at Toronto's Arena Gardens.

Regina Patricia were no match for the heavily outclassed University of Toronto (U.T.S.). The Regina Morning Post headlines read ... "PATS RECEIVE SEVERE DRUBBING", Toronto School's nifty young hockey team went through the Regina Patricia in such commanding fashion, swamping the westerners 14-3. Outside of the first period, when the Patricia held their opponents to two goals, the visitors were never seriously involved as Toronto out skated Regina, out manoeuvred them, and outguessed them for most of the game. The Toronto outfit had the six man hockey system down to a science and worked it to perfection. U.T.S's. top scorers were Captain Jack Aggett and Don Jeffrey with six goals each.

On Saturday, class predominated again when the luckless Regina Patricia were, for the second time, severely beaten by the U.T.S hockey team with a score of 15-5 for possession of the O.H.A. Juniors Memorial Cup.

The Regina Morning Post stated: "Regina Patricia played better hockey than they did in the opening game. There was another big crowd at the Arena for the game. Toronto critics say that "Duke" Dutkowski is the most natural hockey player that has stepped on Toronto ice that winter."

The two journalists who covered the two games, Bill Finaly of the Winnipeg Free Press and Lou Marsh with the Toronto Star, also officiated both games.