Friday, February 3, 2012

1922-1923 Season - Regina Patricia's only competition that Season was the Regina Boat Club. The Patricia had little trouble in winning both games they played. It was supposed to be a six game schedule but, after only two games, the Boat Club decided not to play the last four games. In the two games the Patricia outscored the Boat Club 25-3.

1922-1923 Patricia Roster - Goalie: Cliff Schwindt, Jack Cunning Defense: Howie Milne, Eric Pettinger, Cliff Schwindt, Jack Gilhooly Centre: Syl Acaster, Howie Milne, Joseph Helfrick Right Wing: Harvey Naismith, Gord Cameron Left Wing: Emory Collins, Scanell Coach: Claude Milne

For the first time the Patricia played exhibition games against other Junior and Intermediate teams, winning all five games.

South Semi-Final Play-Off - The Weyburn juvenile boys were easy picking for the Patricia. Weyburn C.S.E.T. failed dismally at the Regina Stadium. The Patricia outweighed, out skated, and generally outclassed the Weyburn lads who went down to defeat by the overwhelming score of 22-2. A fair sized crowd braved the bitter cold weather to watch the contest.

Syl Acaster was a one man working crew as he scored 8 goals and had 8 assists. The other star was Harvey Naismith scoring 7 goals and 4 assists. Weyburn defaulted the second game.

South Saskatchewan Play-off - Regina Patricia defeated Broadview Juniors handily 23-1 at the Indian Head rink. On the defense, Jack Gilhooly and Howie Milne were like the Rock of Gibraltar. Attack after attack they went into the corners and Broadview were squelched.

It was only through super net tending on the part of the Broadview goaltender, Fraser, that the score was not higher. Harvey Naismith accounted for ten of the 23 goals, half in the first period when Patricia scored 8 goals. In the third period they ran wild and scored almost at will accumulating 9 goals. The second game was defaulted.

Saskatchewan Final - The Provincial had the Patricia facing a real tough bunch from the northern city of Saskatoon. It was the first time that a team represented the north part of the province. On Tuesday, February 27, the surprise of the Patricia hockey season was sprung at the Regina Stadium when the unknown Saskatoon Wesleys held the local boys to a 2-2 tie. The entire Saskatoon team met the Regina Patricia step-by-step. The Wesleys had a young goaltender by the name of Alkenhead. He was the main cause of their successful performance. Ray Watkins' goal at 12:16 of the second period tied the game for Saskatoon. The third period was scoreless.

Thursday, March 1, with 3 minutes left in the game, Watkins, of the local Wesleys, skated to centre ice and took a pot shot at the Regina goal that claimed victory for the Saskatoon club. At the time of play, the southerners and locals were battling away in one of the most furious encounters that had been witnessed on Saskatoon ice in years. The Saskatoon Wesleys finally won the first junior Hockey Champions in history with a score of 2-1.

In the last 3 minutes, Patricia put up a great battle, Harvey Naismith came within an ace of scoring just before the final bell.

The Regina morning Leader post, Saturday, March 3, headlines read: "Regina Patricia Protest". The statement read: "The Executive of the Patricia Hockey Club met yesterday to consider the question of protesting the Saskatoon play-off series".

Tuesday, March 6, The Morning Leader Post read: "The Saskatoon Wesley is thrown out of junior series. Patricia protest sustained when three Saskatoon players are proved ineligible; players were found to have played in senior hockey with Saskatoon University Husky Hockey Team."

Regina Patricia were awarded the Saskatchewan Championship and were on their way to the Western Play-offs.

Western Semi-Final - Since the series was arranged only the previous morning, the news travelled quickly. By receiving an early Tuesday 5:00 a.m. summons, the Calgary Canadians rushed down to Regina, virtually jumping out onto the ice after an 18 hour train ride. The result was that a crowd (close to 2,000) turned out to see the game. Regina Patricia scored a 3-1 victory at the Regina Stadium. The game was played under protest, under Section #11 of the Abbot Cup Rules... "A junior player cannot play more than one senior or intermediate game." Patricia had played two senior games. Calgary lost the protest.

It was the closest checking game that had been seen on local ice that season. Howie Milne, the rangy defense star, got the credit for scoring the winning goal. He lifted the puck into the rafters and it dropped down over the Calgary goalie's shoulders, making it the flukiest goal seen on Regina ice that winter.

On Friday, March 9, with a days rest, and overcoming a three goal lead, Calgary defeated Regina 6-2. Strange ice and a two-goal handicap held no fear for the Calgary lads, nor did Harvey Naismith's goal in the first minute of play strike any great fear into their hearts. Calgary did not register their first shot until the 9:20 minute mark of the first period. Before the period was over they had outscored the Patricia 2-1. Johnny Loucks broke the five-all tie on the round on a pass with 4 minutes gone in the final period to give Calgary the lead for good. Calgary's Hersic Lewis figured in 4 of the goals, scoring one goal in the third period and assisting on 3 others. Calgary took the round 7 to 5.

The Calgary Canadians lost in a two-goals series against University of Manitoba who went on to be the Memorial Cup Champions that Season.