Friday, February 3, 2012

1926-1927 Season - The Regina League had three Regina teams; Pats, Falcons and Argos, the Indian Head Bengals were also part of the League. The teams played a home-and-home League schedule. In the first meeting between the Regina Pats and Falcons, nearly 3,000 fans turned out.

On Sunday, December 19th, Falcons beat the Indian Head Bengals 3-2 in overtime. John Litzener scored at the nine minute mark of the second straight overtime period.

1926-1927 – Regina Pats RosterGoalie: Jimmy Langford Defense: Harvey Dodge, Jack Cranstoun Centre: Fred Metcalfe Right Wing: Ed Malone, Ab Holt Left Wing: Harold “Hop” Shaw, Kenneth “Swede” Williamson Subs: Pascoe, Schwindt Coach-Manager: Al Ritchie Trainer: Bob Bentley

Regina Pats finished first with 6 wins, 0 losses, 25 goals for, 9 against, for 12 points; Falcons were second with 4 wins, 2 losses, 19 goals for, 11 against, for 8 points; Indian Head finished third with 1 win, 5 losses, 13 goals for, 22 goals against, for 2 points; followed by the Regina Argos with 1 win, 5 losses, 8 goals for, 23 against, for 2 points.

In the South Saskatchewan finals, the Webb Junior did not take part in the play-offs, defaulting to the Regina Pats.

Regina Pats had a "bye" into the Provincial against the Saskatoon Wesleys. In the north, Saskatoon Wesleys downed Yorkton juniors 5-2 at Yorkton and 8-5 at Saskatoon, taking the round 13-7. In a sudden death game at Asquith, the Wesley won 3-2 in two periods of overtime on Monday.

Provincial Finals - On Wednesday, March 4, the Saskatoon Wesleys led 4-0 by the ten minute mark of the opening period, then went onto a 6-2 victory over Al Ritchie's Pats. The locals caught the visitors off guard by sinking the first two goals with scarcely more than three minutes played in the first period.

The Wesley scored three more goals by the end of the second period. The fans watched Saskatoon grab a lead at the expense of the highly touted Regina team. Pats made their best showing in the third period when centre Fred Metcalf scored two goals in the span of minutes at the start of the period.

On Friday, Regina Pats, with a 6-2 count against them, stepped out and tied the series with 30 seconds to go in regulation time. it was three of the most thrilling and exciting periods witnessed in Regina in many years. The teams had to go two extra overtime periods before the Pats managed to score. That gave them a 6-1 victory and an 8-7 total on the round.

Blairmore Tuxis Juniors won the "B" Class Alberta Junior Championship and challenged the Calgary Canadians "A" Champions. They won the first game 3-1 and lost the second 1-0, only to take the series 3-2 and advance to the Western Quarter Finals against the Regina Pats.

Western Quarter Final - Monday, March 7, the Regina Pats crashed through a somewhat weak Blairmore defense at will as they piled up an 8-3 victory over the Alberta champions. The southwestern Alberta team had problems against the tough blue line brigade of Regina Jack Cranstoun and Harvey Dodge.

Most of Blairmore's shots were from a long way out. If it hadn't been for their goaltender Kemp, the score could have been much higher. Pats had leads of 4-0 and 7-2 after the second period. The top scorers were Ed Malone and Fred Metcalfe with two goals each.

Wednesday, the local Al Ritchie boys stepped out and piled up a 6-2 score and a 14-5 count on the round. Regina Pats had a five goal lead before Blaimore finally scored their first goals near the end of the second period. Regina's Jack Cranstoun, Harvey Dodge and Fred Metcalfe all had two goals each in the game. Only a handfull of fans turned out to the game at the Stadium.

Western Semi-Final - Monday, March 14, Regina Pats Fred Metcalfe's two quick goals in the dying minutes of the game helped to defeat Elmwood Millionaires 3-2 at the Winnipeg Shea Amphitheatre. Regina Pats' Harvey Dodge scored the only goal in the opening period with only two minutes remaining.

The second period had Elmwood's Gus fake a shot and pass to his brother Romeo, who then scored at the 17:20 mark. One minute and twenty seconds later, Regina Pats' Fred Metcalf scored two goals 45 seconds apart in what turned out to be a real wild finish.

There was no more scoring until the third period. Right from the starting face-off the Millionaires' Rivers brothers worked together. Gus sent a long shot that beat Regina Pats' Jimmy Langford 10 seconds into the period.

Wednesday, Regina Pats downed Elmwood Millionaires 3-2 in a brilliant match and took the round 6-4. The series was one of the most thrilling that Winnipeg had seen that season. Elmwood's Romeo Rivers opened the scoring at the 14:50 mark in the first period. Pats tied the game in the second period at 13:50 when Cranstoun scored.

In the third period, Pats' Harvey Dodge skated the length of the ice and passed to Harold Shaw to give Regina the lead at 5:55. Then 19 seconds later Elmwood scored as Sutherland rushed down the boards, falling when checked, but he kept control of the puck. He was able to control himself and scored on a hard shot. One minute and a half later, Regina's Fred Metcalf scored the winning goal as he skated from centre ice down the boards. He tore up the ice, shifted over just at the right time and shot for the corner of the net, injuring himself as he crashed into the goal post.

Western Final - Abbott Cup - Friday, March 18, at the Winnipeg Shea Amphitheatre Rink, Regina Pats downed Port Arthur Ends 2-1 (a team from Thunder Bay on the west shore of Lake Superior). It was a fierce battle between the two speedy teams. Pats made up for the Port Arthur's advantage in weight by means of their courage and determination.

Early in the second period both clubs were battling a scoreless tie when Pats' Harold Metcalfe missed a golden opportunity to score. It wasn't until Jack Cranstoun scored, shorthanded on a fluke shot. He grabbed a loose puck at centre ice and lifted a high shot from the blue line. The shot was more than a foot above the net. Goaltender Spooner went after the puck, it hit his shoulder and dropped into the net. Port Arthur tied the game three minutes later on a loose puck in front of the net.

In the third period, Regina's Fred Metcalfe rushed from centre ice and scored on a hard drive at the 15 minute mark for the winning goal.