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1929-1930 Season - The previous season, Pere Athol Murray's Argos folded and the following players joined the Regina Pats: Goaltender Ken Campbell, defenseman Joe Dutkowski, centres Clarence Acaster and Len Rae, right wingers Ed Wiseman and Ken Moore, plus left winer Dave Gilhooly.

Left to Right: Al Ritchie (Coach and Manager),Gordon Pettinger, Thurman Bell, Joe Dutkowski, Len Rae, Ken Moore, Lorne Stephens, Bert Acaster, Bob Bentley (Trainer) Brix Peebles, (Vice-Presidnet, Gail Ecan (Mascot), Clarence Acaster, Eddie Wiseman, Ralph Redding, Art Dowie, Ken Campbell, Dave Gilhooley

(Photo: Sask. Sports Hall of Fame - # 83-3-12)

1929-1930 - Regina Pats Roster - Goalie: Ken "Shutout King" Campbell Defense: Joe Dutkowski, Gordon "Gosh" Pettinger (Captain), Frank "Buzz" Bell, Lorne Stevens, Thormen Bell Centre: Clarence Yates "Little General" Acaster, Len Rae Right Winger: Eddie Wiseman, Ken Moore, Ralph Redding, Joe Dutkowski Left Wing: Dave "Big Boy" Gilhooly, Art Dowie, Ralph Redding Coach-Manager: Al Ritchie Trainer: Bob Bentley President: Pete Egan Vice-President: Brix Peebles

The League had only two teams that season - the Pats and the Olympics. The Regina Pats only played three league game schedule, winning 3 games, 10 goals for, and 1 goal against. The three remaining games were cancelled. January 10, 1930 the Morning Leader Post story read as follows: "Many anxious to see the Pats. Invitations have come from Calgary, Medicine Hat, Edmonton, Moosomin and Banff. Fame of Past has spread far and wide." The next two seasons belonged to the Regina Pats goaltender Ken Campbell who racked up 17 shutouts in 34 games.

Provincial Play-offs - The Regina Pats got a bye into the Provincial Play-offs. Wilkie was one of the strongest teams to represent the North in many years. On Friday, March 7, the crippled Pats, playing on sticky ice took a handy lead over the Wilkie Outlaws 4-0 at the Regina Stadium. Pats were minus Eddie Wiseman and Joe Dutkowski (two of their main stars during the greater part of the winter). Also Art Dowie, all suffering from injuries. They were hit still harder when Dave Gilhooly went crashing into the boards in the early part of the second period.

Regina Pats' Buzz Boll scored with but one second remaining in the first period to open the scoring. Pats struck for 3 goals in the third period. The same Gilhooly came back and became the hero of the night. Dave scored 2 goals in a row in the third period to help clinch the victory. Les Whittles was a standout for the orange and black visitors.

Tuesday, The Regina Pats swept by Wilkie for a 2-1 victory. Speed that seemed incredible on the water-covered ice surface was maintained by both clubs for almost 50 of the 60 minutes. The players battled the puck along the ice instead of pushing it as the slush clung to the puck. Back checking and heavy body checks were handed out by both clubs. The rink was packed for the game.

Pats' Ken Moore opened the scoring at the 6:40 mark of the opening period. Hemmeling scored for the home team at the three minute mark of the second period to tie the game. Regina Pats' Gordon Pettinger scored the winning goal with only three minutes remaining in the same period. The third period was scoreless.

The remaining games were played at the Winnipeg Shea Amphitheatre.

Western Semi-Final - Tuesday, March 18, after the Calgary Canadians long train trip from Vancouver, the Regina Pats downed the tired Canadians 2-0. The Albertans more than held their own in mid ice, but could not get by the Pat's sturdy defense. The hockey displayed was ragged for the most part, Calgary lying back to wait for the breaks and the Pats back-checking them to death at every turn.

It wasn't until 12:40 of the second period that Regina's Ralph Redding skated into the corner, worked his way out and shot at the net. It looked like the goalie has smothered the puck until the goal judge put up his had signalling a goal. Pats second goal did not come until 8:15 of the third period. Gordon Pettinger made a dash toward the net only to be piled into the net but was able to slip the puck over to his defense partner "Buzz" Boll at the blue line. Boll took a bullet shot that goalie McKay never saw.

Thursday, Regina Pats once again shut out Calgary 4-0. "Gosh" Pettinger scored his first of two goals midway through the first period on a solo dash down the left boards and scored on a waist high shot.

Pats second goal was of the unusual type, Len Rae had the puck at centre ice and worked through the defense letting a flip shot go that hit the net and bounced out. The goal judge put his hand up and most of the fans in the rink knew it was a goal but referee Stan Rooney let the play go on for a full minute before he finally consulted the goal judge and allowed the goal to stand at the 13:50 mark of the second period. Regina Pats took the round 6-0.

Western Final - Abbott Cup - On Saturday, March 22, Regina Pats defeated Elmwood Millionaires of Winnipeg 3-0. There were many (hockey fans, 4000) that saw sheer speed, thrills, spills and tumbles in the game. It wasn't until the second period when a Winnipeg player's shot hit Regina goalie Ken Campbell's chest protector. Ken Moore picked up the puck and skated up centre ice and got by the defense. He was able to pass to Dave Gilhooly who was alone and took a golf shot, scoring at the three minute mark. At the eleven minute mark, Joe Dutkowski carried the puck from his own end zone down the left boards, decked past a defenseman and scored on a low shot.

A great deal of credit was due to Dave Gilhooly and Buzz Boll for the spunky display they put up despite severe injuries. For three days, "Gil" had been undergoing treatments for an injured backbone suffered in the Calgary series. Also Boll's ankle was far from better and he had great difficulty in turning sharply on his skates.

Monday, Regina Pats recorded their fourth straight shutout downing the local Elmwood club 5-0, before 5,000 fans. Playing as he never played before, Joe Dutkowski was brilliant as he back-checked frantically, scoring three goals on Elmwood's goaltender Roy Musgroves. Regina took the sting out of the locals as Dave Gilhooly scored at 2:07 of the first period. With the score 3-0 in the second period, Duke scored his second spectacular goal while he was knocked off balance, completing two summer-salts and finally crashing into the end boards.

Memorial Cup Champions - The Regina Pats had to wait for the West Toronto Nationals who had just played in a rough series and had to take the train to Winnipeg.

On Friday, March 7, Grace of the Toronto West Ends, scored at 7:50 of the third period to end Ken Campbell's shut our streak. Regina Pats went onto win the game 3-1. Badly outclassed in so far as skating was concerned the easterners gave the Saskatchewan crew the hardest battle they had that season. Pats' goalie ken Campbell was to be sympathized with concerning the goal that beat him. It was scored when his defense repeatedly failed to clear the puck. Campbell was lying flat on his back at the time the goal was scored. Clarence Acaster gave the Regina Pats the lead at the three minute mark of the second period. Len Rae scored the clinching goal at 18:45 of the third period on his own rebound off the boards.

Saturday, the Regina Pats staged a dramatic third period rally to defeat Toronto 3-2. The Nationals had a 2 goal lead, only to see it slowly fade away. They took a 1-0 lead into the second period and Collings scored 30 seconds into the period off a face-off, leading 2-1 after the second period.

Regina Pats coach Al Ritchie hose Gordon Pettinger for his famous between period tongue lashing. Pettinger became so riled-up that he stood in the dressing room, waved his stick and hollered, "I'll get that goal!" He was out on the ice before the bell rang. Within 5 minutes he had scored the tying goal. He rushed down the ice, pushed the puck past the defense, and went around them. As the Toronto goalie Gaddes came out to meet him, Gord slipped the puck into the net. Ken Moore score the winning goal 40 seconds before the final gong.

The following day, The Regina Leader Post sports writer, Dave Dryburgh described the winning goal: "Suddenly two blue and white figures (Gordon Pettinger and Ken Moore) emerged from the midst of the horde of players at the Regina blue line and darted toward the opposing goal. Pettinger slid the puck over to Moore on the right boards. The winger skated far into the corner but eventually took a shot which Geddes, the Toronto goalie saved with his pads. Darting in after the rebound, the Pats winger picked up the puck and slipped it across the goal's mouth. There was nobody there and for a second it seemed the opportunity was gone. Everyone had forgotten about Moore. Skating around the net at top speed the winger grabbed the puck and backhanded it over the sprawled Geddes."

The Regina Leader Post's augmented battery of telephones were deluged with the greatest number of calls of any evening that winter. "Duplicate" calls came in galore, many of the fans phoning in a dozen times within two hours to get the latest on the game. The half dozen operators were kept busy from 7:30 until 10 o'clock.

Headlines across the top front page of the Regina Morning leader the next day read: "Pats Capture Junior Hockey Title". It further stated: "The Pats will leave tomorrow morning at 9:30 and will arrive back at the Queen City at 5:35 via CPR."

April 1, 1930 front page: "Huge throng line streets when Regina Pats are welcomed home at the CPR Depot. They were greeted by the largest throng ever to assemble to pay homage to a hockey team in this city. Every available inch of space on the station platform was occupied - admirers looked on from the rooftop of the express building and every window in the station edifice had a mob of fans watching. The "Duke" Joe Dutkowski was first off the train followed by Dave Gilhooly carrying the Abbott Cup. The train coach was covered with inscriptions - "The Pats are Champions" and "Regina Wins Another Hockey Title".

The team became part of triumphant procession to the Capital Theatre. Thousands of fans lined the streets all the way to the Theatre. Inside were approximately 1,000 people who greeted them. Regina Mayor McAra was the first to speak, followed by Saskatchewan Premier Anderson.

Two players of the 1929-30 memorial Cup champion Regina Pats - Clarence Acaster and Art Dowie were the younger brothers of Syl Acaster and Bert Dowie of the 1925 Regina Pat Memorial Cup Champion team.