Friday, February 3, 2012



by: Ron C. "Scoreboard" Johnston

During the Memorial Cup in Regina, I can remember having to evacuate my box located high above the ice surface to make room for the visiting Montreal Radio Broadcasting Crew. I was moved to the east end Press Box situated directly above the net.

The teams were in Montreal’s right face-off circle just below us. During the second game, I was writing down our line change when I heard a loud “whack!”, like a slapshot. I looked up to see a puck, which had been deflected by a hockey stick, flying directly toward my eyes. I ducked and fell off the chair as I felt the puck graze my crew cut. The puck hit the brick wall behind me and landed on the makeshift desk to the left of my stats book. As I was trying to get up, I saw the French Montreal Sports Writer reaching out to grab the puck. I was faster on the draw and grabbed it before he could, (still on the floor) shaking my head at the Reporter. It was my souvenir! To this day that puck sits on top of computer desk in my Den as a reminder of the day I almost lost my head.