Tuesday, February 14, 2012


By Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston

SHERMAN THEATRE and Gardens AuditoriumHockey Rink Location: 1905 Rose Street (southeast corner of Twelfth and Rose). The Regina Leader, Thursday, June 25th, 1903, “Indoor skating and a hockey rink to be built, 220 feet in length by 115 feet in width. The ice area will be 180 feet by 80 feet and the seating capacity will be between 1,200-1,500.”

The theatre was (opened July12, 1905), and remained open during the summer months until 1908. The building was destroyed by fire in the spring of 1921.

ARENA RINK Location: 2230 Robinson Street. (West side of Robinson Street between 14th and 15th Avenue). On Wednesday, December 28, 1910, the Morning Leader stated, “Regina’s new skating rink is now under construction. The ice area will be 190 feet by 110 feet.

The approximate cost is between $130.000 and $140.000. The seating capacity is approximately 2,000. Four rows of seats will be run around the entire ice with the exception of the south end at which end the ice will run to the out side wall. The rink is owned by the Pearce brothers of Pense and W. W. Hilton is the architect.”

An advertisement on (January 18th, 1911), advised of the official opening of the new Arena Rink which took place that day with a 25 piece band in attendance.

On Monday, January 23rd, a Wurlitzer military band organ was installed to replace record music every (Monday) from 3 to 5. Tuesday to Friday there would be band music with an admission charge of 25 cents. It further advised there would be skating every after noon and evening with the exception of every other Monday evening when the rink would be thrown open for hockey only. Regina Patricia Junior Hockey Team played their first three seasons at this rink.

AMPHITHEATRE and WINTER FAIR BUILDING - Location: Pasqua Street on the Exhibition Grounds, south of the Grey Nuns Hospital (now known as the Pasqua Hospital).
This building was erected in 1913 and (opened on February, 1914). The rink ice size was 85 feet by 200 feet. The seating capacity was 5,000. The total cost $130.000. (Sketch: by William P. Argan)

The building was turned over to the 77th Battery when war was declared in 1914. The structure was used as military barracks and drill hall until fire destroyed it on December 18th, 1917.
Amphitheatre and Winter Fair Building

REGINA STADIUM – QUEEN CITY GARDENS – EXHIBITION STADIUM – Location: Same as The Amphitheatre and Fair Building. It was erected in 1919 and opened on (December 4th, 1919) of the same year. This rink was the largest west of the Winnipeg Amphitheatre. The Stadium was used as a horse show Arena and was given the nick name “Cow Palace”. It was also used as a hockey stadium.

The Regina Leader mentioned, on Wednesday, November 26, that the rinks name would be called “Stadium” given in a name contest by Mrs. W. G. Styles. In 1935 the name was changed to the Exhibition Stadium. August 13, 1938, a group called the Queen City Gardens Limited was created. They approached the Exhibition Board regarding leasing the Stadium rink.
They ordered an ice plant and at the same time, Regina Stadium – Queen City Gardens made improvements to the rink. They brought in an ice maker, Frank Bauman from Minneapolis,
USA. Thursday, December 4th. The rink’s name was changed to the Queen City Gardens until
the early 1950’s.

The Stadium was known for its many steel pillars throughout the rink. The Regina Pats played at the rink from 1920 until the club was disbanded in 1934. When they were reorganized in 1946, it was called the Queen City Gardens. It was renamed the Exhibition Stadium in the mid 1950’s.

REGINA AGRIDOME – BRANT CENTRELocation: South Centre area of the Exhibition grounds.

With profits realized from Saskatchewan Derby Sweepstakes, and financial support from the City of Regina, the Agridome (was constructed in 1978). The Building chairman was Gord Staseson who was also chairman and project coordinator responsible for building the Canada Centre in 1981. (Sketch: by William P. Argan)

Name was changed to (Brandt Centre Thursday, July 28, 2005), when the Exhibition Association Limited announced a partnership with Brandt, the Sask. based machinery/manufacturing giant.
Regina Agridome - Brandt Centre.