Sunday, March 10, 2013


This was taken from my old side kick - Ken Shaw from his web site: Blue Liner:

By: Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston  

Thanks Kevin - for bring back those great memories. 

Oh yes, I can remember that great hockey game.  Nothing like the good old days.  The day was October 4, 1961.  The Regina Pats played an exhibition game against their sponsors the Les Canadiens of the National Hockey League (NHL).  This was four years before I joined the Pats.

They split the two teams:  Regina Pats Coach,  Frank Mario handled the Regina Pats, while 
Hector (Toe) Blake Coached the Canadiens.  Looking at the below lineup and seeing all those famous names and getting to met some of them a few years later, sure brings back those great memories.

I forgot what that score was, but I knew the Canadiens had won, seeing Billy Hicke playing for the pros. 

Ahhh, Kev even found a picture taken by the Leader Post: