Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Junior Hockey's Royal Franchise: The Regina Pats

Junior Hockey's Royal Franchise: The Regina Pats


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by Darrell Davis and Ron Johnston

The Regina Pats Hockey Club is pleased to announce the release of the book “Junior Hockey’s Royal Franchise: The Regina Pats”. It’s a book about the rich and lively history of the Regina Pats written by former Pats employee Ron “Scoreboard” Johnston and former Leader-Post writer, Darrell Davis.

The book has been a long labor of love for Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston, who started the research of the book in the mid-nineties because of his keen interest to discover the club's origins. He began a 18 year quest, working 8 hours a day, mostly at Regina Central Library and the Saskatchewan Archives, searching microfilm records of old newspaper articles from across Canada.
The research that Scoreboard compiled allowed Darrell Davis to turn the pages, hopefully finding some stories that were worth telling. Darrel interviewed dozens of people associated with the Pats, reveled in their memories and put them to print.

There are stories from every generation of Pats hockey, as well as bios and photos of each Pat to play in the NHL, stats and standings of every Regina Pat team, and stories from each of the retired Pat players.

Proceeds from the book go towards the Leader Post Foundation; Supporting Community and Education